My daughter is being treated for kawasaki disease, will her heart rate go back to normal when she is fully recovered?

Almost certainly. The high heart rate of kawasaki disase (kd) is usually only present during the febrile phase. Those who are treated with ivig only very rarely have long-term cardiac problems. However, chidlren who are not treated with immunoglobulin (ivig) have a 25% chance of developing aneurysms of the coronary arteries (and other arteries) that can injure the heart and may also cause a high heart rate.
Yes. Children with kawasaki recover well. Her heart rate should return to normal. If she has any evidence of coronary artery injury she will be followed closely by a cardiologist. The intravenous gamma globulin works very well to reduce symptoms and encourage recovery.
Probably. The heart issues with kawaskai's usually don't affect conduction but rather blood flow to the muscle itself. Once the fever is gone things should be better. Watch http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=lxtuw8pmpyk and http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=smw9yipnacg to learn more.

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I had kawasaki disease when I was a kid, will that cause me to have heart problems as an adult?

Possibly. If you had any coronary involvement from the disease you should have been followed periodically all along, as you are at risk. If you appear to have completely recovered with no evidence of any coronary involvement, there is some concern that you may be at risk for premature coronary disease as an adult. Your primary physician needs to be aware of your history to appropriately advise you.

My daughter age 5 month having rapid heart rate about 240 per minute. Is this dangerous? Mybabys growth and other activity are normal.

Yes, it can be. She may have a condition called SVT. The infant can tolerate this for a short period of time, and then becomes very ill very quickly. You have a short time to get her heart regulated before it could start to fail, sometimes rapidly. Sign off and go to ER now. If you live in a city with a Children's Hospital, go there. If not, nearest ER will be fine - they will transfer her if needed.

I haven't been able to get in the doctors yet but my daughter's heart rate is very fast. Well over 200 b/m. Is this normal? She's 10mths

Be seen now... Well over 200 BPM is not normal and I would recommend that you have your daughter seen in an ER now for evaluation! Avoid delay.
ER or Urgent Care. A heart rate that high is not normal even for a 10 month old. This should be checked now to verify and determine the cause and get proper treatment. Take her to an ER or and Urgent Care Center to have her checked and treated.
No! If it's truly over 200 go to the nearest ED NOW! Get off the computer and get her help.
Go to ER. If it is truly over 200 at that age she is going to get into some trouble with her circulation soon and you need to go to the ER. If it is more like 180 or less., you can wait but you need her seen today.