If my echo&x rays I had around 2 months ago were normal is there any reason to fear enlarged heart? Shortness of breath but I have anxiety

No. An echocardiogram is as good as it gets for identifying enlargement of the heart (cardiomegaly). This test also can detect congenital anomalies or functional problems with the heart. Xrays are pretty good for determining size, as well. If both of these tests were normal, you should not worry that you have an enlarged heart.
Not a reasonable fea. If two months ago you had the same symptoms and had an echo and cxr which were normal and you now have the same symptoms, you have demonstrated that your symptoms are not due to an enlarged heart. You have very little to fear about the heart mysteriously enlarging in the interim.

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How can I tell if shortness of breath or feeling of odd breathing is caused by anxiety or heart problem? Not pregnant, normal echo/ecg last year

Anxiety. I understand your concern. Commend yourself for good functioning heart with normal echo/ecg. “Feeling of odd breathing” is due to Anxiety. Shortness of breath will be less intense with Anxiety, and it will not be continuous. Shortness of breath with heart problem is with discomfort, painful feeling in chest, palpitation, weakness See a psychiatrist for diagnosis; Therapy for Anxiety, Relaxation.
Primary Care. Discuss this with your primary care doctor. Develop an understanding with him or her of which of your symptoms you can feel secure about, and which ones you should get medical evaluation for. It may be useful to also have the input of a psychiatrist.

X-ray shows borderline enlarged heart, with slight curvature of spine. My heart echo looked good with rest HR 58-68, EF was 64-71. Should I be concern?

The xray. Finding was likely spurious, a chest xray is not the most accurate way to evaluate heart size unless it is grossly abnormal. A "borderline" enlarged heart on chest xray is usually normal, which was confirmed on your echo.
Borderline. The heart size by chest xray is very often inaccurate. Your echocardiogram would give accurate heart chamber dimensions and, I assume they were normal as you haven't mentioned otherwise. Your left ventricular ejection fraction shows no evidence of cardiomyopathy either. Coupled with no history of systemic hypertension or valvular heart abnormalities, there should be no reason for an enlarged heart.
Echo Results. I would certainly discuss your concerns with the physician who ordered the tests, that is always the best policy as he/she knows the whole clinical picture. The numbers you gave are normal, however you did not comment on the valves or other cardiac architecture which is important as well.