My grandfather a htn and CKD patient with dm and a thalassaemia carrier has just started dialysis at the age of 81 what are his chances of survival?

Time on dialysis. That is a difficult question to answer. You should ask his neprhologist for his opinion about your father's survival. The literature shows that 50% of patients starting dialysis over 75 years of age die within 2 years and the mean survival of that cohort is 31 months. A healthy male in the us has a life expectancy of 7.4 years at age 81. These data are for your information only.
DM HTN CKD in India. 81 years old with diabetes, hypertension, now with ckd stage iv, to go on hemodialysis in india. Prognosis in india, is not that great, even today. In western world, i live in usa, once he gets on dialysis, he has easy 10-12 good productive years, in good hands. In india, it is too expensive, too cumbersome, too many infections, so prognosis is not great. Too complicated, in india.