Related Questions

High temp running nose weak tired sore throat risk myocarditis?

Stop imagining. Myocarditis is rare, just see your GP will give you antibiotics, drink plenty of fluids, rest you will be fine in couple of days Stop worrying.

Recently took a long flight and biked in the wind. Now I have sore throat, running nose, and nasal congestion, and feeling tired. Any suggestions?

URI. Upper respiratory infection. Could be viral or bacterial. Recommend lots of fluid and rest and saline nasal irrigations and saline gargles. If mucous turns cloudy, yellow or green, see you md.

In my region, pollen levels are the highest in the last 50 years. I have a sore throat, running nose and am very tired, no fever. Allergy or cold?

Probably cold. Allergies can sometimes cause mild irritation of the throat, but it shouldn't be downright painful. They are also usually accompanied by sneezing and itching of the eyes and nose. With sore throat and fatigue, I would suspect a cold, which may not present with fever. Get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of fluids. See your doctor if you have any questions or if your don't feel better in a few days.