How can you track your fertility?

Many options now. From graphs with basal body temps to ovulation kits to apps, there are now many ways to track fertile times. If having difficulty, start with at least a calendar of periods. Before seeing a new gyn provider, ask the office staff what system the doctor prefers and begin using that before your first visit. The same applies to fertility specialist, who may also add blood tests and ultrasound studies.
ULH kit, mucus, BBT. 1. Urinary ovualtion kits - determine the lh surge in the urine signifying ovualtion about to occur; can be obtained over-the-counter. 2. Cervical mucus testing - cervical mucus most slippery and stretchy just prior to ovulation 3. Basal body temperature - with regular cycles, can determine which day of cycle one normally ovulates by rise in basal body temperature; difficult to do correctly.