Wrist and hand hurt when I put pressure?

See a physician. Unfortunately, that is not nearly enough information to hazard a diagnosis, even via health tap. The location of the pain is an important clue to the diagnosis as well as any associated injuries or exacerbating conditions. An evaluation by a qualified hand specialist would be helpful.
Several possibilitie. Trauma, overuse, gout, infection? Needs exam / imaging by orthopedist, or urgent care or er.

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Right arm aches and burns. Shoulder elbow wrist and hand hurt on and off. Look and feel normal. Muscle pains too. Line of pain switches front to back.

UnCertain. There are many possibilities. This could be a muscle, like fibromyalgia, it could be arthritis, or could be another syndrome. It would be best if you ask your physician to help clarify this and possibly send you to a rheumatologist. Read more...

Wrist and hand pain/ weakness, who is the best qualified to treat this?

Maybe carpal tunnel. Most specific would be hand specialty surgeon, but you might want to see a neurologist, get evaluated and perhaps do an EMG study for confirmation. Read more...