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I'm on birth control I experienced sex for the second time but he hasn't broke my seal yet. He prenutted in me (no condom) im scared im pregnant?

Pregnancy Fears. I do not understand why you are worried or scared. You are on birth control. This is why you are on birth control so that you do not have to worry or be scared. From your question there is no way to say that you could even have a small chance you are pregnant. Given the information you provided, no you are not pregnant.

I've been on Aylsena Birth Control pills for 5 months and never missed a pill before. How protected am I? Can I have sex without a condom?

Good contraception. Protected against pregnancy but one can still get sexually transmitted infections. Condoms are good for preventing infections, even if not needed for contraception. If a woman is on birth control pills, beyond her initial pack, and doesn't miss pills, then she is protected against pregnancy EVERY DAY, regardless of whether she is on an active or an inactive pill (that's a very important concept).

I have been taking birth control for 4 years and am starting a higher dosage. Will I have to wait the typical 7 days to have sex without a condom?

No. If you have been on oral contraception x 4 years the change in formulation will not affect your contraceptive effectiveness as long as you take your pills as directed daily.

How long do I have to wait to have sex without a condom until my estrogen 10 birth control starts working?

Oral contraceptives. Are you referring to lo loestrin fe? Normally, one needs back up protection from pregnancy for the first month on oral contraceptives. However, oral contraceptives will not protect against std's.