How does meditation work? Is it scientifically supported, and what do I have to do?

Meditation. Meditation helps you train your mind to maintain awareness of what's happening in the present. Our usual human patterns are to think about the past or the future, completely missing the only moment we can do anything about: now. There is much research supporting mindfulness based stress reduction. Here's a taste: http://www.Mindfulexperience.Org/evidence-base.Php training is widely available.
Many ways, yes &... A common factor in poor health is stress & meditation is an incredible tool to reduce stress.It improves brain function & even changes brain structure beneficially, reduces anxiety, lifts mood, improves cognitive function, balances the autonomic nervous system, boosts immunity, prevents & reverses heart disease etc. See http://www.Psychologytoday.Com/articles/200105/the-science-meditation & comment:.