My period is 33 days late?

Check preg test. If you had sex without condoms or birth control and now you are late for your period then it is time to check a pregnancy test.

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My period is 33 days late, I've been vomiting everyday for 3 weeks, is this because of my hyper thyroid?

May be. Hyperthyroidism can cause the symptoms of vomiting and irregularity of periods. However it is important to make sure that you are not pregnant, especially if you are sexually active and not using birth control. Try a home pregnancy test. It would be better if you can go and see your doctor. He can check you out for pregnancy and also make sure that you are not getting dehydrated from vomiting.

My period is 33 days late I'm regular 22-26 day cycle I have occasional lower back pain cramps and I'm now suffering from constipation?

Check a test. If you are 33 days late and this is unusual for you, you should first check a pregnancy test. If it is negative or if you have irregular cycles like this often, you should see your GYN and get evaluated.

My period 33 days late. Its been 54 days since the first day my last period. I just started light pink, now dark brown spotting.! what could this be?

Pregnancy test. If you are an otherwise healthy woman and your period is 33 days late, you should probably take a home pregnancy test and/or schedule an appointment with your ob. There are many possible causes for a late period.