If I am having hip and leg pain, but my leg feels like warm water is being poured over it in random places with red warm circles on inside of ankle?

Tough problem. There are many things to consider and too complicated for this 400 character space. With your complaints and not knowing you and your history, it appears you need to have a good history, exam and review of health and meds and more diagnostics. Get seen soon by your pcp/family physician internest or a vascular doctor. It sounds significant and important.
Hip and leg pain. Sounds like edema and the pain could be from a clot in your leg. Red circles could be blood pooling in your leg. Plus could be an insect bite like from a tick. I would see your physician in the am or if you can't wait to the er. If it is a clot, then this could be a serious situation. I would see your physician asap.