What is easy and economical method of diagnosing hiatus hernia? Does GERD means high possibility of hiatus hernia.

Upper GI. Probably the least invasive and most economical method to diagnose a hernia is an upper gi. In this test, you drink contrast material and x-rays are taken as it goes down your esophagus into your stomach. A hiatal hernia can be seen. Most people with a hiatal hernia have reflux but the majority of people with reflux do not have a hernia.
Radiologic imaging. Gerd often does accompany a hiatal hernia, but can also occur without an hh. Gerd can be related to diet & eating habits. Hh is usually diagnosed with a radiological study of some sort, such as a barium swallow, ct scan or mri. Other tests might be recommended to further characterize the problem, such as endoscopy, ph measurements or esophageal pressure measurements.