Everytime I take a deep breath feels like my heart beats hard for a second or maybe a palpitation. Weirdweirdweird?

Normal. That's probably normal. When you draw a deeper breath, more blood will flow toward your heart causing it to work harder. You can feel it, but most will not. If you don't have other symptoms, such as fainting, chat pain or palpitations during or afterwards, it is probably ok...
Palpitation. There is a condition called "cardiac compression syndrome". Usually this is a benign but bothersome condition. You can google this for more info. May apply to you.
Question. The question here is: what is your heart actually doing when you take a deep breath? This can be very easily answered by having you deep breath during an ecg. It may be simple cardiac awareness. If it happens infrequently, a 24 hr recording would be of help.

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I think I have a heart palpitation or something. Sometime when I take a deep breath then exhale it feels like my heart beats 1 or 2 times hard. Help?

Normal. There is variation in your heart beat as you inhale and exhale due to the pressure in the chest cavity. As long as it is only 1 or 2 beats it is normal.
Probably extra beat. The pressure in your chest changes with inspiration and expiration this sometimes causes the heart to have an extra beat. Sometimes you can feel this beat and sometimes not. This is not an uncommon phenomena. This is usually a benign finding. If you continue to be concerned you can get a Holter monitor which will show what your heart is doing. Speak with your MD.

I have premature irregular heart beats. It's skipping hard when I take a deep breath in everytime. Why? Could it be bc I had half a coke cola?

Avoid triggers. Skipped beats usually imply premature ventricular or atrial contractions (pvcs or pac's). They are triggered by Adrenalin surges or stimulant effects (caffeine/alcohol/meds can trigger). Pain/breathing issues/physiologic stress can trigger as well. In the setting of anormal heart structurally these symptoms are more of a nuisance than a danger. Void the triggers.

Every time I take a sort of deep breath I can feel my heart beat hard for a moment. And I keep having this slight cough, could be allergys. Weird?

Cough. You should have your doctor check to see if you have asthma by doing a lung function test. Cough induced by cold air like in this case when you take a deep breath can be a sign of having undiagnosed asthma.