What's the best way to treat second degree burns?

Seek Help. For medium to small second degree burns, my favorite treatment is an aliginate impregnated with silver. Patients seem to do very well with this. You should be evaluated by a burn surgeon, however.
Silvadene (silver sulfadiazine) cream. This has been used since at least the 1940's and works very, very well. Apply it once a day after washing the area gently with soap and water, and apply a cover dressing. Your doctor can prescribe it after being certain that it really is a second degree burn (blisters), making sure your tetanus immunization is up to date and that the burn is not secondarily infected. Good luck!
See your doctor. Second degree burns are ones which have blisters and have caused some deeper damage to the skin. Don't lance or pop the blisters if you can help it. Keep the blisters clean and bandaged. Your doctor may recommend topical creams to help. Good wound care will help you heal up with minimal scarring and problems. Best wishes.
Biafine. Biafine is a prescription cream which can help healing in 2nd degree burns. Do not remove the skin it iwill act as it's own biologic dressing. Once the skn peels off a prescription cortisone cream can help with redness and possible clor change.
Yes. Wound honey has been used for centuries and studies have documented it's antibacterial properties.
Medihoney. Wound honey or medihoney helps heal burns. Orally take l-glutamine 2gm twice daily.
See a doctor. The treatment of second degree burns typified by blisters is controversial in regards to opening or leaving the blisters alone. Once the blisters are opened the dead skin should be removed. Nearly all agree on topical antibiotics: Bacitracin pint for face and silvadene (silver sulfadiazine) for body if not allergic to prevent conversion to 3rd degree. Nsaids are controversial, hygiene, nutrition, elevation are advised.
Burn care. Very small burns, smaller than 2 x 2 inches may be treated at home with topical antibiotics. Keep the wound moist with the antibiotic ointment to decrease pain and scarring larger burns, most burns on face or hands or small burns showing any sign of infection need to be evaluated by your doctor.