Can you drink alcohol while taking valacyclovir?

Can but shouldn't. Although there are no drug-drug (yes, alcohol is a drug) interactions listed, it is always best to avoid mixing medications with alcohol. Alcohol alone is irritating to the stomach and acts as a depressant and affects rational judgment.
Valacyclovir. The company suggest that you should be well hydrated when taking valacyclovir, and use of alcohol, especially heavy use, will cause dehydration.

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Is it safe to drink alcohol while taking valacyclovir for oral herpes?

Yes, in moderation. There are no contraindications to drinking alcohol while taking valacyclovir for oral herpes. Contraindications/cautions include: hypersens to drug/class/compon, caution if immunocompormised, advanced hiv, renal impairment, concurrent nephrotoxic agents, elderly, if dehydrated. Getting drunk may not be safe to yourself and/or to others, however. That's why i suggest drinking in "moderation". Read more...
No. You should not have alcohol when treating oral heroes with the medication. It interfere with the effect of the medication. Read more...