My fiancé has autoimmune hepatitis and recently she's been suffering from severe anxiety and depression. Ssri's may have made it worse. What's wrong?

Meds and hepatitis. There are many possibilities. Some ssri's can "activate" people and make them feel worse before they feel better. Or, the medicine may not be a good metabolic fit for her, an important consideration given that ssri's are processed in the liver. It could also be the course of her anxiety and depression is worsening. In any case, please have her follow-up with her doctor to get to the bottom of it!
Hepatatis, depressio. The antidepressants are metabolized through the liver. If your fiance has hepatitis, you may want to ask her treating physician about considering Pristiq (or desvenlafaxine). Pristiq as an active metabolite of an antidepressant, called Effexor (venafaxine). As it is already an active metabolite, it does not affect the liver to the same extent as other antidepressants do.