Any tips dealing with an impulsive person every day?

Send to a shrink. Impulsivity. What is that? A guy who craves excitement, a sensation seeker. A gal who goes from one school, or one interest, or one guy to another - a lack of. Perseverance. A person who just acts and doesn't plan, who doesn't consider the consequences. A guy whose relationships jump from excitement to boredom, constantly conflicted. All. If daily, has psych disorder such as ocd, adhs, (vasopressin) bipolar.
Get evaluation if. The impulsivity is in any way damaging, dangerous or preventing good functioning (school, work, in the home). That will provide some direction for appropriate intervention. The more damaging or dangerous the situation the more urgent the professional evaluation becomes. Keeping the impulsive person and those around safe is basic while moving toward evaluation. Clear dangerous objects & situations.