When should a person have their gallbladder out?

After GB attack. Stones, no symptoms-generally leave it be stones, symptoms (pain, with nausea, vomiting, maybe dark urine, light stool, fever) confirmed to be abnormal gb (abnormal sono, hida, mrcp, ercp, etc)-surgery to prevent complications in future attacks (infected duct, pancreatitis, etc) big gb polyp, especially with stones -surgery, prevent gb cancer diabetic? - talk w/md abn gb wall on sono- maybe surg.
Symptoms. Symptomatic gallbladder conditions with upper abdominal discomfort, usually after eating, would be one reason for surgery. Symptoms may also be upper abdominal gas pressure feelings. Gallstones may be one cause of these symptoms, and sometime biliary dyskinesia (low gallbladder function) is another cause of these symptoms. If there is no pain, nausea, or discomfort then no surgery is ne.