Will my baby always have an outy belly button?

No. Most outies turn in by 5 years of age; some stay that way, but this is less likely.
No. There's a ligament from the back of the belly button to deep inside the body-- as people grow, the belly button will always pull backwards and become an "innie", unless there is a hernia or something like that. Sometimes belly buttons pop back out in women when that ligament is pushed forward during pregnancy.

Related Questions

What can lead to people to have an inny or an outy belly button?

Umbilical hernia. Can lead to an outy. Genetics can cause an outy. Other than that not sure what other factors lead to it as it is only a cosmetic concern...

How can I make my outy belly button go in?

Wgt loss, surgery. If you are pregnant or overweight, it may resolve with wgt loss or birth of your child. If you've always had an 'outy', talk to a plastic surgeon.

How to get surgery on my outy belly button?

Hernis. Umbilical hernia can be repaired. See your doctor to get referral to surgeon. Repairs are appropriate after the age of 3 to 5.
Talk to MD. This is a straight forward abdominal surgery that can be performed either by a general surgeon or a plastic surgeon.

Self-conscious about outy belly button. Any ways to fix this?

Certaily. If you are ready to pay up for elective surgery, you can look for a cosmetic surgeon to do the procedure. Many other surgeons could probably do this, but if your after a specific look afterward, find someone with experience.