I have frequent migraines. After being prescribed butalbital, I realized that it does nothing for the headache or pain. Any recommendations?

LOTS OF CHOICES. To prevent headaches, which may be your best choice, try depakote, beta-blockers, topirimate, or otc like riboflavin, coq-10, butterbur, feverfew, or botox. Butalbital not a great choice, as triptans work best (imitrex, relpax, (eletriptan) frova, zomig, maxalt, etc) and ergotamines may help. Also, Cambia and dolovent might be useful.
Quadruple approach. Just like many conditions, it is wise practice to take a daily maintenance medication, and to keep an as-needed breakthrough medication on hand. Take topamax or Inderal to control overall headache frequency/intensity/duration. Have Maxalt or Relpax (eletriptan) on hand for migraines. Vicodin may be your med for breakthru pain. Try to identify triggers (smoke, alcohol, ) and avoid them.