How do I control my sweaty, smelly feet?

Try Drysol. Ask a doctor for a prescription for drysol to reduce the perspiration. Wear socks that wick moisture away from your skin. Running socks from a sporting goods store work well. Don't wear cotton ones. "dryfit" is the best. Rotate your shoes. Park your shoes in the closet for a month and wear other ones to let the fungus etc. In the shoes dissipate. Spray your shoes with foot odor powder regularly.
Feet smell. Baking powder in your sox or shoes will reduce smell. Try antiperspirant on feet, same as used under arms.
Sweaty smelly feet. Although it is a good idea to let your shoes dry, this does not dissipate fungus. These are spore forming organisms that can survive 6 to 9 months without host contact. See your podiatrist for a product that you can spray in your shoes to kill fungus and bacteria. That will help. Additionally hygiene plays a huge role here - washing with an antibacterial soap helps too.

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What should I do about sweaty smelly feet?

Attempt to dry feet. Several over the counter products: certain dri, aluminum chlorhydrate solution, powder clean cotton socks. If sweating and odor persist see your podiatrist.
Sweaty smelly feet. As already stated, there are a number of products that can help. See your podiatrist for the advice on which work the best.

In summer, I become very sweaty and get smelly feet. Whatshould I do?

Soak in warm water. And tea bags the tannic acid in the tea should help. Consider antiperspirant for the feet.
Smelly feet. Number of things can cause it but there are many treatment options from soaking in epsom salt, antiperspirant for feet, Botox to prevent sweat. Allow 24 hous for soes to dry before wearing again.
Hyperhydrosis. Sounds like you have hyperhydrosis or bromohydrosis where the feet smell due to increased bacterial growth due to the sweating. Ask your podiatrist for formation this is a rub on topical which will stop the hyperhydrosis and hence the bromohydrosis.
Work at it... First off, make sure your feet stay dry and clean. Wash between the toes each day and wear fresh socks. •acrylic cushion sock fabric maintains resiliency and provides a more natural yielding, forgiving, dynamic environment for the foot (like walking barefoot in grass or sand). •result: more protection, more comfort. Secondly, use drying agents directly on the foot, like certain-dry or drysol.
Sweaty and smelly. All of the above are good answers. Using an antibacterial soap will also help and there are products to spray in shoes that kill fungus and bacteria to help as well. Hygiene hygiene hygiene. ...

Any reason why are sweaty smelly feet known to be healthy feet?

I don't think... Sweaty smelly feet are necessarily known to be healthy feet. It will correlate with good blood circulation, but that doesn't mean they should also be smelly. That is usually caused by bacterial or fungal presence. You can get rid of that by spraying "clean sweep" (a solution produced by tetra medical) in your shoes. This is a nano-silver solution that sterilizes the shoes.
Baking soda. A little bicarb powder often stops this. You can also use antiperspirant such as certain-dri wipes. It always helps to change sox more often and to ventillate feet in the air when possible. Some people sweat more than others. Sometimes the shoes do not "breathe" well. Sometimes a person has fever or thyroid disorder. If you sweat too much in fl, go barefoot or move to alaska.

Can any doc explain why are sweaty smelly feet known to be healthy feet?

Good health doesn't. Equate to good hygiene and vice-versa. It's like comparing apples with marbles. Similarly, how come some macho athletes have body odor. Kidding aside, smelly feet may signify some serious medical illness like diabetes, kidney or liver problemß etc. Just a thought! Http://health. Yahoo. Net/caring/18-things-your-feet-say-about-your-health.
Sweaty and Smelly. Where I come from sweaty and smelly are not necessarily considered healthy feet! In fact they may be feet that need some help! See your foot doctor.