2months missed period sore breast nausea tired fatigue peeing a lot acne headaches negative blood an hpt but thick closed uterus could I still be preg?

Doubtful. If you had a negative blood test, which is very sensitive and specific, and a negative home pregnancy test it is doubtful you are pregnant. Sounds more like a hormonal imbalance. If you have not had a period by the third month you need further work up and a withdrawal bleed so you will need to see the dr again.

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Ok missed period week nausea sore breast peeing a lot tired more ultersound showed thicking of uterus acne light cramps legs vagina neg. Hpt what's wron?

Possibly the obvious. It was once common early for women to be pregnant in spite of negative tests. It is now rare because the tests are much better, but get a blood test or wait, because it is still not impossible. If the blood test is also negative you can stop worrying as women with sometimes just miss a period. If it doesn't then fix itself, you have a hormone problem of some other sort.

Nausea acne sore breast fetal movement peeing a lot lots of preg. Syms. Sac in uterus thick closed but negative blood hpt what's wrong? Why not positive

See your doctor. See your doctor to find out what is going on. You probably have hormone imbalance. You may need to see endocrinologist for evaluation.

Hi. I have preg symptoms including sore breasts but doc says it's due to stress? 11 days missed period. I've also taken tests blood and HPT and both c

Maintain good habits. The only thing you can do is to make sure you have regular sleep, healthy meals, and exercise. Avoid caffeine. Stress can cause many problems for our bodies. Make sure you have a way to manage your stress. It is also common to miss a period every once in a while.