I had a hysterectomy. Can I still have a baby?

No and yes. If you mean "to carry your baby inside of you without uterus" is near to impossible. Even extrauterine pregnancies ( pregnancies outside the uterus )require transfer of sperm cells through the cervix to the falopian tubes to encounter the ovum ( egg). As fertility specialists said only surrogates may carry your fertilized ovum if they do it artificially.
Yes, but.. Actually, you may be able to have a baby if you have ovaries. Consider that the essence of a baby is the genetics from your eggs and the uterus is an "incubator". Using ivf technology and your partner's sperm (or a sperm donor), then you could create embryos that are transferred to a "gestational surrogate" who provides the host uterus. The baby is yours (there are legal issues too).
No. A hysterectomy removes your uterus. That is where the baby would have to live in yor belly.