What are symptoms of pariodontis disease?

Bleeding gums. Some of he symptoms are bleeding gums, tenderness, loose teeth, painful brushing, halitosis, decay, painful chewing.
Bleeding gums. One of the easiest and most noteable signs of periodontal disease is the evidence of bleeding gums. Often seen when biting into apples! if that is the case, it might be time for a dental check up. You can really prevent it by flossing regularly along with the routine brushing of the your teeth.
Many. Periodontal (gum/bone) disease may manifest as bleeding, soreness, swelling, recession, bad breath, loose teeth, and so many other signs/symptoms. In it's earlier most treatable stages it is entirely asymptomatic. That's one of the many reasons recommend biannual examinations to be able to catch early gum disease before it becomes extensive and expensive. Get a check up now.