18yrs female with mild mitral prolapse she's tall, thin&hypermobile, is that Marfan synd.? Is she can gain weight in future? What's the advise for food

Get Checked. Diagnosing marfan syndrome depends on specific criteria (ghent criteria). The signs you mentioned could be consistent with marfan, but more information is needed to make the diagnosis. As for the other questions, i would need far more information to provide useful, and prudent advice. Please discuss these issues with your doctor so you do not receive potentially harmful advice.
Mitral Valve . Prolapse is usually, if not invariably, associated with dysautonomia, an imbalance in the autonomic (automatic) nervous system. Commonest cause is poor diet, especially sweet "junk" food, sugar, pop etc.

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Hello. Can be done Nuss procedure if I have right bundle brand block plus insignificant mitral valve prolapse and suspected Marfan syndrome?

Nuss procedure. The co existing conditions do not contraindicate the procedure;find a center of physician with some experience for more definitive advice at your age. Read more...