I had a blood pregnancy test today how long does it take to get the results back?

1day. At the lab it takes < 24 hours - however it may take longer to get to you. I'd call next day and ask them to "call and get result" if it's not available. Typically, most offices say " 2-3 days" before results are back..... But..... Good luck!
Within 24-48hours. It depends if your doctor ordered any other labs and where your blood was drawn. Typically, for that particular test the result if ordered stat definitely would be in w.In 1day, but o/w possibly within 1-2 business days. Best chance if you had your blood drawn in the morning and in a lab --if drawn at your doc's office it will be picked up by the lab after 5pm, this could cause a possible delay.

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Is it possible to get the results of a blood pregnancy test in less that 20 min. Or does it take longer to process?

Depends where. Doing the test itself is fast but unless your doctor is processing blood work in the office it probably is being referred out to an outside lab company. Doing a urine test is much faster and can detect pregnancy with a BHCG of &gt; 20. This means it only misses pregnancy in the first few days after conception.

I got a blood pregnancy test done today (5 weeks and one day since my last encounter). Can I trust the result if it comes back negative?

Simple Question. Please, this is a simple question and does not need to be asked over and over. You are not pregnant. The test was done well past any date that would be doubtful.
Yes. Had you become pregnant from sex five weeks ago, a blood test for pregnancy would be positive. A negative test will rule out pregnancy, if the test is done correctly.

I was supposed to get my period on September 8th but I was late so on Thursday the 17th I got a blood pregnancy test my level came back 7 for my hcg level. Today im spotting and having a little cramping could I be miscarriaging?

Needs repeat. A BHCG of 7 is very low. In fact a BHCG of less than 5 means that someone is not pregnant. If I were your physician I would order a repeat test to see if the number is going up or down to help determine what is going on in this case.

How long before I can take a blood pregnancy test?

Around menses time. A blood pregnancy test will be accurate around 12 days after ovulation, which is usually just prior to expected menses. Generally by the time of your expected period a pregnancy test will be accurate.

How long should you wait after you missed your period to get a blood pregnancy test?

Right away. Blood pregnancy tests should be positive within a few days of conception. If you are late a urine test should be positive. If it's negative you either didn't ovulate or ovulated late. If irregular periods are common you might do some reading about poly cystic ovarian syndrome.

Can you get accurate results with a blood pregnancy test 3 weeks after conception?

Very accurate. By 3 weeks after conception both the home urine pregnancy test and the clinic blood pregnancy test are accurate. The result is very reliable by that time.

Can I drop blood on a urine pregnancy test and still get accurate results? If not, where can I get a blood pregnancy test?

AT the clinic. At your doctor's office; at the community health center serving your county. At planned parenthood. No. Do not put blood on the urine pregnancy test. Put urine on the urine pregnancy test. But, only after a period has been missed. Not before.