I had my gallbladder and an umbilical hernia surgery 2 weeks ago I am still having pain and I am having a very hard time sleeping is this normal?

When to get checked. At two weeks you should be getting better and be in to see your surgeon for post op appointment. One reason for delay in recovery is constipation. If you are not moving your bowels, start a bowel regimen.
Should be improving. The amount and duration of pain depends on how big the umbilical hernia was and how it was fixed. For a small umbilical hernia and gallbladder surgery without complications, you should be feeling better by two weeks after surgery. If the pain is not getting better, you should see your surgeon right away. There are over-the-counter and prescription medications to help with sleeping.
Within Normal Limits. Gallbladder and hernia surgery typically are procedures that allow a relatively quick recovery and return to basic activities. Many people experience more discomfort at the laparoscopic umbilical incision vs other areas - in this case a hernia was also repaired. This should diminish with time - surgeon follow-up is a good starting point.
2 weeks. After surgery is about the time you should be seeing your surgeon in follow-up. Its normal to have pain as long as it is gradually improving. Discuss your insomnia with your physician. There are many options available for short term help.

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