My aunt has mesenteric ischemia, she can not have any procedures done to fix cause of her age 93 her doctor said. She always has pain, what can I do?

Mesenteric Ischemia. Presumably your aunt was evaluated by a board certified vascular surgeon and determined to not be a candidate for a mesenteric reconstruction by open bypass or by angioplasty and stenting. If this is the case, then I agree with palliation being the only other option. Unfortunately not everything and not everyone can be fixed.
Palliation. There are a variety of minimally invasive procedures (angioplasy and stenting) for certain types of mesenteric ischemia, however any procedure in a 93 year old is dangerous and needs to be viewed in terms of risk and benefit. The key is to find a physician you trust and discuss all your options.
Love her. Cherish the time that the two of you have left. Her physicians can recommend diet; if the cause is atherosclerosis, close management of her lipid levels could possibly reverse the lesions some. Thanks for writing. She must be very special to you for you to have taken the time to write strangers.