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Is it common to miss a period at 17? I had a pregnancy test by my doctor and it came back negative but I'm getting back and stomach cramps, no period.

Sometimes common. There is a broad number of reasons that your symptoms can occur. If you are sexually active then that number increases. Everything from endetriosis to missed period secondary to Olympic level exercise can result in missed period (s). Also depends on how long back and stomach issues have been occurring. See you primary care provider as soon as you are able while symptoms are still occurring.

Missed period, stomach cramps & fatigue, took pregnancy test 3 weeks ago negative, could I be preg. & should I take another test?

Yes, test again. It is certainly easy enough to do...If it is negative, then you can put that aside. If positive, then you know. Anyhow, if this is not usual for you, look out for sign of infections. Discharge, odor, more cramping, fever etc...If test is negative and your symptoms persist, consult doc for care... Good luck..

It's been six days of a missed period and I've had cramps all week as if I was on it. Should I take a pregnancy test now or what's going on?

Take the test. When used properly, modern pregnancy tests are very accurate and can detect pregnancy as early as the first day after a missed period. Anovulatory cycles, stress, weight loss, medication, exercise, and other benign things can cause menstrual irregularity.

I have an irregular period and I have taken 3 home pregnancy test all negative. Now my breast are sore, lower back pain, cramping, lower part is hard.

Pre-menstrual. Pre-menstrual symptoms and pregnancy have a lot in common. Sounds like you are not pregnant, but you could be having pre-menstrual symptoms and period is on its way. It can be very difficult to discriminate when period is irregular. Ibuprofen can help with the pain, and then consider seeing doctor for birth control pills to help regulate your period if that's something that's concerning you.

2 missed periods 4 negative pregnancy tests some minor cramps. Irregular periods 18 and only with protection sexually active. Pcos, amenorrhea? Worse?

Sounds like. It is PCOS. If you do not have this diagnosis yet you should see an endocrinologist versed in the syndrome as it not only affects yourperiofs but can have effects on other organs of your body too and you deserve treatment.