I have pain in the midel of head this start me 22april 1998 still same that time I had tifide. After that tjis pain still same. Thanks?

Headache. I'm not completely sure of all the information, but it sounds like you've had a head pain in the middle of your head since 22 april 1998? And the pain is still there and the same? That's an incredibly long time to suffer from a head pain - i suggest going to see a doctor who specializes in headaches or a neurologist. Good luck!
Was head injured? There could be a number of reasons why your head is still hurting after so many years. Does anyone in your family have this problem? Did you injure your head? Any family history of head injury or aneurysm? Have you been to a doctor? He may want you to take some tests to find out what is going on.. What have you been given for the pain? You may want to go to emergency room before it gets worse.