What is the best blood pressure medication for african americans? I'm using diuretic but its still elevated

What else on menu? Depends on what other items are on your menu. Heart failure too? Think about beta blockers or ace inhibitors. Diabetes too? Ace inhibitors/arbs. If you don't have heart failure or diabetes, then certain blood pressure rx that may work better: diuretics [you're taking that already], long-acting dhp calcium channel blocker [like amlodipine], or ace inhibitor/arbs. Lots of choices on your menu!
Depends. There are many different anti hypertensive meds and your doc will consider other medical problems you have. If you have diabetes acei inhibitors or arbs are good (such as Lisinopril or losartan). If you have coronary disease acei in addition to a beta blocker such as metoprolol or atenolol will be fine.
Relax vessel wall. Problems with african american is rigidity of vessels - loss of elasticity the only thing I have seen work is beta glucans from mushrooms 1000mg twice daily you can buy this from biotics as shiitake mushroom if you want to normalize your systolic BP you need mixed efa from qnlabs which supplies 1.5gm monounsaturated fats by seasame, borage, olive and flax oils. Take glutamine 1000mg at night.