What should I eat, and what not, if I have a prostate cancer? Do I have to avoid sugar? Is drinking glass of red wine ok, or is it dangerous for me?

Anti-oxidants. In general you should eat more vegetables if you have cancer. Vegetables have anti-oxidant properties that in some studies have been shown to be beneficial for retarding cancer growth. Avoid any food with high fat or sugar content. Cancer cells thrive on these and can grow faster.
No Definitive Answer. While diet may play a role in the development of prostate cancer (cap), there haven't been any studies that support a particular "post-diagnosis" diet for folks with cap. Many health enthusiasts recommend a diet high in anti-oxidants, low fat, high fiber, as well as attempts at "alkalinizing" one's blood. There are no studies suggesting the sugar or alcohol increase known cap aggressiveness.
Healthy diet. Eat a healthy and balanced diet, exercise and consume alcohol in moderation if at all. There is no direct evidence linking prostate cancer to sugar or alcohol in your diet. Many prostate cancers are small and slow growing - hope your's is too.
Eat what you like. You're only 41 years old and have prostate cancer? That's unusual. Has there perhaps been a misunderstanding? Cancer or no, eat sensibly for your overall health. Food choices are seldom the key to heath or recovery. Internet sites about "superfoods" and "what to eat for this-and-that" are almost all simply made up; life's hard enough without letting these people trouble you. Best wishes.

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I have a prostate cancer. Is drinking a glass of red wine occassionally dangerous or does it help to fight the cancer?

May be helpful. There is evidence that drinking red wine may prevent prostate cancer. There is no evidence it's dangerous. In vitro studies show that polyphenols in red wine may inhibit growth of prostate cancer- see http://www. Aim-digest. Com/gateway/pages/cancer/articles/prostate_check. Htm. Red wine contains resveratrol, a compound with anti-cancer properties, but for effective doses take high doses of extract.
No and No. It is not dangerous to have an occasional glass of wine. Men should not have more than two glasses a day, women one glass per day. It will not help fight your cancer.