I'm 8wks pregnant & sometimes feel short of breath, usually with stair climbing. No feeling faint, just feel aware of need to take deep breaths. Normal?

No. That should not happen just because you are pregnant, you need to tell your OB so you can be referred for a cardiac and or pulmonary workup, and better to do now then wait till it could potential to get worse and you need to know if everything is normal or not.

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Shortness of breath that comes with a constant headache & feeling faint! (29weeks) pregnant! ?

Start local; OB, L&D. Step 1 for pregnant women with headache and feeling of being faint, breathless is to immediately call OB provider or go to l&d. Then additional evaluations/care can be arranged. People in ohio are fortunate to have at least 3 perinatal centers at major teaching hospitals. There are ways for doctors to easily refer patients or to connect with nationally known maternal-fetal medicine subspecialists. Read more...