46 yr old woman, blood in stool?

See your doc. Maybe hemorrhoids, but 48 is close enough to 50 for "screening colonoscopy"- look for polyps-precancerous growths, in people with no symptoms (e.g. Bleeding, pain change in bowel habit), normal physical (no blood in stool, no lumps, tenderness), normal labs (no anemia). Colonoscopy to evaluate a symptom, e.g. Blood in stool is not screening. It is part of a diagnostic evaluation. Get colonoscopy.
Never normal to. Have blood in the stool, See doctor It could be hemorrhoids or a polyp or cancer or infection or......

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23 yr old female. Dull pain in lower abdomen. Colonoscopy came back clear. No blood in stool. Have had the pain for about 2 months. What's wrong w/me?

Multiple causes. Abdominal discomfort can be due to a number of different causes. These can include gynegologic, urinary, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, nervous system, and others. A thorough history and physical examination by a physician can help determine the cause of your pain.

I am a 23 year old female. I have been getting blood in stool, weight loss and pain in abdomen. I had a colonoscopy done today and they found many diffused 3-4mm shallow ulcerations. What should I do?

See your doctor. This may be ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease. The GI doctor probably took biopsies of the ulcers, which will give a better answer. Based on the results, your doctor can prescribe appropriate treatment to control the symptoms.
Biopsies... Will provide the answer. Might be infection. Might be crohn's. You will have an answer in a few days at most.
IBD. Inflammatory bowel disease. Your GI doctor should have explained this to you after the colonoscopy.

I am a 22 year old female, I had about two tbsp of bright red blood in stool w/ blood clots. Cancerous colon polyps in family history.?

Hemorrhoids. This is likely hemorrhoids or perhaps an anal fissure. Certainly polyps or tumors are also possible but much less likely in such a young person. All rectal bleeding should be discussed with your doctor. At a minimum a rectal exam should be performed. A sigmoidoscopy would also be reasonable.
Yes. Colon cancer and polyps can be genetically related. If either of these are in your family or personal history, get to an expert and get regular colon screening. If you are having bleeding it needs to be evaluated regardless of your age.

Had history of some blood in stool and on toilet paper but past two months have blood on toilet paper. Dr checked over a yr but no hem. But haven'tlook?

Scope. It's time for a gastroenterologist or other qualified provider to take a direct look inside your intestine. It is worth seeing if you have a lesion that needs biopsy or a simpler problem that needs attention.