I am nauseous, have tingling in my left arm and fingers are numb. What is going on?

Carpal Tunnel. Pain, numbness, tingling, weakness and night pain are the most common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. I would recommend evaluation with a hnd surgeon.

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Numbness in left arm tingling in fingers and my thumbs get really cold?

Not sure. These complaints could be from any number of issues ranging from problems in your neck to your shoulder elbow or wrist if they persist you should seek evaluation with someone who can perform a thorough physical examination.
? nerve compression. Most likely cause is carpal tunnel syndrome due to nerve compression at wrist, but also, consider nerve compression at elbow. Your doctor might get EMG test to confirm location and extent.
See below. This may be coming coming from a pinched nerve in your neck. See your physician for a full workup.

My 50 yr. Old husband has tingling and numbness feeling in his left arm mainly in his fingers and goes up to his shoulders, what does this mean?

Could be heart. At 50yo he should be checked out by a medical professional. He may need a stress test and blood pressure/cholesterol determination. Less dangerous is the possibility that he is holding his shoulder too tight from stress and it is pinching the nerves to the armpit. But, better safe than sorry. He might need to be on a daily aspirin. It's time to have this checked out.
See below. This is one of those problems where a visit to your doctor is necessary to figure out what's going on. Only after a thorough evaluation, including examination and possibly labs and other tests, can your doctor correctly diagnose you and treat you effectively.
Need evaluation. Difficult to determine without an examination. Agree with others who suggest need for medical evaluation to rule out cardiac causes. However, can also be peripheral nerve entrapment such as carpal tunnel syndrome (not uncommon for cts pain to travel up the arm), cubital tunnel syndrome, or cervical radiculopathy. Would highly recommend evaluation. May need emg/ncv testing.

What causes tingling all over the body, tingling and pain in the toes and fingers, and numbness on and off in the left arm?

Heart attack. Not knowing your age and health status I would suggest immediate medical attention to rule out some serious medical condition as a heart attack or impending stroke.

Tingling feeli from my elbow to my fingers of my left arm and a numb spot in the middle of my back close to spine....

Elbow numbness. The tingling from your elbow to the fingers (especially if it effects the ring and small fingers) is typical of a condition called cubital tunnel syndrome. This is compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow. See your primary care provider. Recommend trying a night splint, doing some physical therapy, and taking some anti-inflammatories. The mid back numb spot is likely unrealted to the elbow.

My middle finger tip on my left arm has felt numb and has a tingling sensation for the past couple days, any idea why? Or am I just crazy?

Numbness. Any history of trauma? Previous history? Occupation? Most likely inflammation of median nerve or its root. Could be mild carpal tunnel. Take some anti inflammatories and see if that helps.
Where is the lesion? If its just the middle fingertip you probably squeezed something too hard and have an issue with what's called a proper digital nerve. Recovery depends on weather or not the injury caused focal demyelination or actual nerve injury. (Usually the former takes a week or two and the later may take months if the nerve has to regrow. Sometimes Carpal Tunnel or a pinched nerve in the neck can do this.
Digital nerve. Likely a problem with the smaller nerves on your finger, and should resolve over a few days, but could also be due to early carpal tunnel syndrome. Your doctor should be seen if persists or worsens over next week or two.

I have frequent numbness & tingling on my left arm & fingers. It started a few months ago with consistent intensity. What is it and what should I do?

Neurologist. An impingement of a nerve is suspected. The impingement may be at the wrist (carpal tunnel) but could be at a higher level in the neck, shoulder or elbow. A brain lesion in the right cerebral cortex is less likely a cause due to lack of arm weakness. A neurologist is best qualified to evaluate you and an EMG may be performed in order to localize the impingement.