I have chronic knee pain after years of reconstructive surgeries, vicodin isnt strong enough and endocet gives me rebound pain. What can I suggest?

Genicular RFA. Genicular nerves' radiofrequency ablation (destruction of sensory nerves of the knee joint) has been recently published (pain 2011) and appears to be a good option when further surgery is not possible. I also had success treating patients using this method.
Longer Acting Meds. Chronic pain requires long-acting medication such as fentanyl patches, the "contin" meds, as well as many long acting opioids. As well as additional medication such as snri's such as cymbalta, pamelor, lyrica, (pregabalin) and antiepileptice meds to control the disease of pain which now affects your brain and nervous system in addition to the problem with your knees. Local rx like voltaren gel and lidoderm..