I've been having terrible stomach pain, lower back pain, and I have nausea almost daily, what could this be?

Unlikely to be a. Spine problem and more likely to be a gastrointestinal issue such as gallbladder problem, gastritis or ulcer or renal or kidney issue such as an infection or kidney stone or even an aortic aneurysm. Sometimes reproductive issues like an ovarian cyst can also be a problem. You need to be seen by a physician.

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My son is 12 been complaining of low back pain, stomach pain (he explains it feels like a punch in the stomach), nausea, tired. He vomited once the 1st day and diaherra the rest of the day. He had fever the 1st day. The pain in his stomach comes and goes.

Stomach virus. A stomach virus may cause intermittent cramping stomach pains. Usually these viruses do not last long but it is important to keep him hydrated. Make sure you are keeping up with the fluids he is losing. Keep his diet bland. Do not stop the diarrhea this will just prolong the illness. If he does not take a turn for the better in the next 24 hours follow up with his Primary Care Provider.

I have lower back pain and cold chills with stomach pain and leg cramps what can this be?

Back pain. This could be any one of a dozen things. The only way in which to investigate this is to be seen by a doctor, examined, have some labs and imaging studies done, all after providing a full history. Frankly this sounds very severe and should be looked into immediately. If you cannot see a family doctor now, go to an ER. Good luck.