I have a lump on top of my ribs a few inches below my left breast what could this be?

Skin lumps are commo. It could be a fatty tumor (lipoma)which are very common. Most such lumps are benign ..But others can be malignant . It all depends on the size and texture. If it is increasing in size over a period of one or two month, you should seek medical attention and get yourself checked.

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I have a lump on my ribs about 1 1/2 inches below my left breast. There is alot of pain to the touch and moving. I'm just wondering what it could be?

Medical exam. Any lump which is persistent requires a medical examination by a physician especially if it has shown some growth while you have watched it. Any lump which is painful like you have described can be an infection, so there is a sense of urgency to treat an infection. So go see a doctor and get a physical exam done soon. Read more...

Sharp pain around top of left breast around chest... but not not on it. Have felt for lumps but none there. Any ideas?

Some possibilities. If your breast examination was normal, this discomfort could be due to an irritated/inflamed chest wall muscle or could be due to a pinched intercostal nerve which runs between two ribs and may increase with a deep breath and often radiates around the side of the rib cage. A muscular discomfort usually has associated tenderness. Your physician can advise you after an examination if it persists. Read more...