Is keloid curable?

Treatment available. Keloid scars can be avoided with silicone sheeting and steroid injections. Once a keloid has already been established it can be excised and treated with subsequent steroid injections or low-dose radiation. Excision alone usually results in recurrence of the kulik.
Not exactly. By definition, keloids have a high recurrence rate and our goal is usually to control them or make them smaller. They are rarely cured.
Technically no but. Careful removal with plastic surgical technique and post op low dose radiation usually keeps them controlled.
Not really. Keloid scars are defined as growth of scar tissue outside of the bounds of the original scar. Most people think an ugly scar is a keloid, but it really has to be a mass growing from the scar. Even still, the best treatment and most success I've had with these is by surgically removing them, injecting steroids at the time of surgery, and radiation therapy immediately after closure.
Keloid therapy. Keloids are abnormal scar formation beyond the area of injury. As for a "cure", very doubtful since there is a genetic predisposition to their occurrence. Treatment options are pressure, steroid injections, excision, and radiation, or a combination of these. Seek in person evaluations with a boarded plastic surgeon. Hope this has helped.

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Is keloid can be curable?

No cure for keloids. Keloids are tumors of scar that an be controlled but probably not "cured". Treatments to control keloids include injections with steroids and chemotherapeutic drugs, surgery to remove the keloid, and in less severe cases topical application of silicone sheets. Keloids are most common in the earlobes and these can be controlled with surgery if large followed by pressure earrings.
Improve not remove. While a variety of treatments can be used for keloid, they will generally only improve and not remove the scar or at least replace it with a smaller scar. This includes excision, revision, pressure therapy, steroid injections, 5-fu injections, silicone feel sheeting, radiation therapy, and more.

Is a keloid curable (1/4 x 1 inch in size)? What is done to prevent a new keloid when the old keloid is cut out?

Not really. It needs to be surgically resected, and it can reccur.
Tough to prevent. The problem with surgical removal of keloid scars is that they can return in the healing process. Injection of steroids into the keloid or application of teflon sheets (available in the grocery store or pharmacy as "scar strips") can calm down inflammation and flatten them out. You can try this before surgery, or use it afterwards to try to keep the keloid from forming, again. Good luck!