Should I use a heating pad on low to help the pain of my ear infection?

Yes. Sometimes the heat will help pain, but be cautious about the settings; not too hot! Oral pain meds like Ibuprofen maybe offer better relief, and of coarse you should return to your doctor for evaluation.
Maybe. If this helps, then use it as long as not too hot. If there isn't a hole in your eardrum from a tube or pressure causing pus to drain, you can use olive oil (saturate a cotton ball with the oil and squeeze into the ear) for instant pain relief. Don't use any drops if a hole! Take an oral pain reliever (ibuprofen or acetaminophen) for longer relief. If the earache persists over 3 days see your doc.
? If helps. You may try it, I'm just not sure it will help you.

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I may have an ear infection but I can't see the doctor until tomorrow. In the meantime, would a heating pad against my ear help or make it worse?

OTITIS MEDIA. The heating pad will add comfort if you feel less pain. Otherwise you can take Motrin for pain and inflammation until you see md in am.
Heating pad. A heating pad would give you temporary relief. However, make sure the setting is on low so you dont burn yourself.

woke up in tears bc her ear hurt so bad. Gave her Motrin, had her lay on a heating pad propped up and nothing helped. Ear drops hurt her. Ear infection?

Possibly. Get her checked at an Urgent care or ER.
Could be. The middle ear will usually hurt if you stretch or hurt the ear drum. This is most commonly due to a build up of pressure behind the drum from pus, but other things can do it. The only way to know is to have her seen. With that degree of discomfort, the sooner the better.

The upper part (near my cartilage) of my ear is swollen, tender to touch and warm. I have had previous ear infections. But this is definitely not an ear infection. I have tried putting a heating pad and an ice pack on it.

This. This appears to have the characteristics of an infection involving the cartilage of the the external ear. You really need to see your physician to have this evaluated. It will probably require use of powerful antibiotics to calm your infection. Best wishes.
Ear infection. This could be an external ear infection most commonly caused by a bacteria that you get from water contact (swimming, for example). Other less common things could also be at play but this would be the most common.