My teenage daughter get's shooting pain's up and down her right arm, puke's, and get's chest pain's what does that mean?

Hard to determine. Need more information about the symptoms that you are reporting. Any associated issues with the onset? How long and severe? A visit to her doctor will put your mind at ease.

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My teenage daughter gets shooting pain's up and down her right arm, has chest pain's and puke's, what does that mean? My teenage daughter get's chest pain, back pain, headaches, has shooting pain's up and down her right arm and puke's, what does that mean

These. These symptoms are non-specific and could indicate many things. She could be dealing with a heart issue, hormonal problem, stress/anxiety, or a nerve or neurological issue. The only way to uncover the cause of her symptoms is by having a visit with her primary care provider for a detailed history, physical, and approprate diagnostic testing (blood work, ekg etc.). Please schedule a visit with her doctor asap.
NEED TO CHECK HEART. She might have a congenital malformation in the heart. She need to get checked out. Please see a doctor in the er or your private doctor to evaluate and do more tests to narrow down the possiblities.