What if you have white creamy discharge and a light odor and vagina dry after u wash up what is that?

Depends. Some mild white vaginal discharge is normal, and is likely due to the body responding to hormones. If the discharge becomes excessive, foul-smelling, cottage cheese-like, or associated with itching or discomfort, you might consider bringing it up with your doctor, since it could be due to an infection.
Possible infection. To have discharge and odor two thing could point possible infection? Check it out?

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Don't know why i, m having a white creamy discharge from my vagina, and it smells funny?

See a doctor. This could be one of several things, including yeast infection, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis, etc. Please see a doctor and have this appropriately diagnosed and treated. Read more...

I have some white creamy discharge from vagina! No itching or smell or nothing should I still be worried?

creamy discharge. If you are not pregnant, then one has to consider either a fungal or bacterial infection. Check with your gynecologist for a possible culture. Read more...