I heart that Depo-Provera can make it hard to get pregnant after you stop. Its been a year and a half should I go to a doctor?

Yes. After a year and a half, anyone who has been ttc but is not pregnant should seek professional assistance...
See Gyn. See a ob/gyn or infertility specialist for infertility evaluation. Infertility = failure to conceive after 1 year of unprotected sex, and affects ~15% of couples. Evaluation involves confirmation of ovulation, patency of fallopian tubes, and assessment of sperm characteristics. Depo-provera is out of your system after several months. Thus, treatment depends on infertility diagnosis.

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Heart burn tierd feeling sick on the Depo-Provera had unprotected sex for 3weeks also bleeding could I be pregnant?

It's in the running. Sure, the only way to know is to check a pregnancy test. Hope you get the answer you want, but if negative then give your doctor a call to pursue further work-up.

I'm 22 and I don't have any high pressure or heart problems. The only medication I'm taking is the Depo-Provera shot. I want to try the raspberry ketone.?

Why? Should be fine. Most likely not going to do anything but go ahead. Remember even " natural " remedies have side effects so stop it if any problems.
Don't waste $$. Green coffee bean extract and rasberry ketones are of no value for any know medical condition. They will not help you lose weight, except in your wallet. Save your money and spend it on good food and exercise. Don't get your medical knowledge from friends, tv, the internet, or dr. Oz - he's rarely correct.