Related Questions

What can cause bleeding during sex?

Many possibilities. Sources of bleeding can be from the vagina, the cervix, or the uterus. Sometimes, it can even be from the opening from which you urinate, or the anus. Have an exam by your doctor. Normal changes on the cervix can often lead to bleeding during or after sex, but infection can also cause this. Schedule an appointment soon. Best of luck.

What would cause bleeding during sex and then gone afterwards. 3 days until period. Been trying for baby?

Need more info. Bleeding could be caused by too much aggressive sexual intercourse and or too deep penetration. My advice is have intercourse more for the joy of the experience and not solely to make a baby. Too much anxiety interferes with implantation sometime.

What causes bleeding during sex (not a virgin)?

Possibilities. Include trauma or mucosal tearing, infection such as std or cervical disease. This can be a serious sign necessitating a pelvic exam and pap smear.

What could cause bleeding during and after sex?

Trauma, infection, and. It can be from trauma from rough sex, infectins in vagina, cervical cancer, atrophic vaginitis, cervical polyps, cervisitis, infections like chlamydia and others, so if you are having pain and bleeding after sex, see your gynecologist to find out the cause.