My hubby is 28 years old he jhad already gout, what kind of food he need to eat and food thats not good for his situation?

Best proteins, carbs. To prevent gout recurrence, work toward ideal weight. And replace refined (white) carbs with complex carbs (whole grains/veggies). Stop sodas and drinks or foods with added fructose. Decrease beer (especially) and distilled alcohol (some wine ok). For protein decrease meat & others with saturated fats. Increase protein from low fat dairy and plant sources. For some people fatty meals cause flares.
See below. Good: fruit, vegetables, low fat dairy. Bad: beer, high fructose corn syrup, kidney, liver, brain, seafood, meat.
Gout and diet. Avoid meats and most importantly, avoid organ meats; fatty meats and alcohol are doubly potent against gout. Avoid these. Also, if you are able, drink at least 3 liters fluid per day - this may enhance uric acid excretion - and if you incline your diet successfully to mostly whole grain, fruit, and veggies, using egg white for protein, then your uric acid levels will come down even more.