What could be the cause of my chest pain?

Anything. Could be a problem with skin, nerves, muscle, shoulder, lung, heart, or stomach. See your doctor for a more thorough history, physical exam and further evaluation.
Multiple. Chest pain may come from many causes including the intestinal tract, bones and muscles of the chest wall, the lungs, or the heart. More information and likely testing is needed to determine the cause of your chest pain. See your doctor.

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What could be the cause of my sudden chest pain? I am just lying down. Something like a tightened rubberband pressure in center

Sudden chest pain. I am amazed you are asking me this question. I do not know your age but any chest pain serious because you have to make sur it is not cardiac. By which I mean you may be getting a heart attack, even if it is not heart attack but you need to be evaluated to rule it out. Other causes of chest pain can be esopahageal teflux or chest wall pain. So if you have already not done see your doctor or go to er.
Depends. Could still be heart. Could be heartburn (esophagus with reflux). Could be lungs and pulmonary embolus. Could be muscle spasms. If persists or worsens, see md or call 911. ..

Help! What could be causing my chest pain?

Many things... Heart attack, pulmonary embolism, pneumothorax, pneumonia, pleurisy, cardiac arrhythmia, pericarditis, esophageal reflux, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, angina, shingles, costochondritis, musculoskeletal injury, and other conditions. You should get this looked at immediately, especially if new-onset.

What could be causing my chronic chest pain?

See details. How would anyone even begin to answer without being able to evaluate you firsthand? As some causes can be serious you should go to the ER.

Can anyone tell me what could be causing my chest pain?

Cest Pain Cause? More info is needed. Is it sharp or dul? Does it feel like pressure on the chest? Is there shortness of breath? How old are you? Do you have a fmily history of heart disease? The list goes on. Your family doctor can evaluate and fill you in on the many details.

I've been stabbing chest pain for about a month now, what could be causing my chest pain?

Chest pain. There are many causes of chest pain, the heart is but one, intestinal gas and thoracic musculoskeletal pains are very common, anxiety and panic attacks likewise are frequent causes. You should always ask the doctors who see you what they think is the problem you came for and what to do about it.
Muscular. The most likely cause is muscular pain or arthritis in your neck, back or shoulder but evaluation with a chest x-ray and stress test would be reassuring.

What could be causing my sharp chest pain after sneezing?

Several things. Problems like these can only be correctly handled by your doctor in person. He/she needs to listen to you, perform an examination and possibly run labs or other tests. That's the only way he/she can find out what's going on and what to do about it.

What could be causing my symptoms? Frequent chest pain, pounding heart, constant palpitations. Especially after I eat my heart pounds and palpitates.

Many. There are many reasons why you could be having these symptoms, for sure you need to be evaluated, cardiac arrhythmia, thyroid problems, diabetes, anxiety, heart valve problems among others could the cause. Do not ignore your symptoms get help.

I've already been 2 the hospital for chest pain twice. Both times normal EKG chest xray. What could be causing my chest pain. It comes and goes. I'm 17?

Many reasons. There are many reasons for this and the best thing is to get a full workup by your doctor. Causes when EKG and CXR normal: drug use, anxiety, recent lung infection like pneumonia or bronchitis, smoking (anything), reflux disease, coronary vasospasm, subtle cardiac rhythm abnormality not caught on EKG, and others.