Is there pain management for arthritis of the spine?

Yes. Radiofrequency neurotomy of arthritic facet joints is effective in about 70% to alleviate pain for 9-24 months and can be repeated as needed.
Absolutely. The facet joints are what become arthritic in the spine. Pain management may be conservative with weight loss, exercise, physical therapy & manipulation. Interventional procedures may include injection of local anesthetics & steroids directly into the joints and/or targeting the medial branch nerves that go to the joints with medications and/or thermal ablation with radio-frequency energy.
Sure. Sure; ask your doctor for a referral to a pain management specialist; if he/she is unable to manage your pain.
Pain management. PM of the spine initially involves evaluation of diagnostic studies- ex X-rays , CT, MRI Next, correlating those findings with the patients complaints and physical findings. Only by doing this can we determine an appropriate course of action- which maybe injections - therapy- medications or a combination of the above.
Spine. There are many treatments for spine problems. Imaging and a good physical should be done first to help determine the reason for the pain by a good Indepent pain specialist and not necessarily a surgeon.