Is there anything I can do at home to help with my lower back pain. I have a herniated disk and I'm getting surgery but until then im suffering :/?

Non-operative. You should try gentle stretching and core strengthening exercises. You can try a hot tub or heating pad but use it sparingly and don't injure yourself by too much heat. Injections can often relieve the sciatic pain by both reducing inflammation of the nerve and also dissolving some of the fat around the nerves which can often yield excellent relief. It all these fail then surgery may be needed.
See below... Rest, avoid lifting and bending, change positions often and avoid long car rides/long sitting/long standing, etc. Also, anti-inflammatory medications may be helpful if you don't have other contraindications.
Injections first. If you have a herniated disc that is causing back pain radiating into your leg, then you should always try the most conservative options before more invasive ones like getting cut open. Epidural steroid injections/nerve blocks can reduce the inflammation of the nerve and reverse the symptoms, often time without surgery. If they fail and then you need sx, then you know you did everything possible.