I have migraines right before my period and during... Is it because of my birth control pills? I'm on trisprintec (norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol)

Menstrual migraine. Hard to say whether female hormones do or do not cause more migraines, as studies have failed to pin down well. However, if your patterns are regular, you might try some Frova (frovatriptan) for a few days prior to menses as this may prevent headaches. Of course you could work with gynecologist, and maybe find a different agent, but odds of success are low.
Maybe (not) . . . You can blame your migraines on your birth control pills if you never had migraines before taking them, only developed headaches since starting them, and then they go away if you stop them, etc. You get the idea. With that in mind, if you associate your migraines w/your menses, ask your family doc how to take your bcps in such a way as to not have menses. Hopefully, you won't have migraines anymor.