I am 18 years old. My breasts face sideways and outwards. Can something be done about this?

Yes! Every woman has breasts that are different from the left side to the right side, and from woman to woman. It sounds as if your breasts may need to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon to see if there is truly a problem with the tissue that is more than a cosmetic issue. Perhaps a breast reduction or similar surgery may be in order. At age 18 you are still growing, so surgery may be premature.
Great question. The answer depends on whether your breasts are smaller & firm in which case implants or fat transfer may help or larger & perhaps a bit drooping, in which case a modified lift plus or minus an implant might help. For now, wait a bit to see if more development corrects itself.
Maybe. Some women have breasts that are just naturally far apart or face outwards. Sometimes this has to do with the shape of your rib cage. Breast augmentation can sometimes improve the separation between the breasts with the appropriate implants.
Breast Deformity. Based upon your question i must assume you have an anatomic or genetic deformity. You did not mention having "large" breasts. I recommend in person evaluation with a boarded ps in your area. Very difficult to determine if a surgical correction can help without seeing the issue. Best to you.