I have a little bitty red dots around my ankles across my foot in up my leg they don't in the bother me they only hurt with hot water get it checked?

I have a little. Rash such as you are describing could be caused by an allergy or reaction to a medication or contact dermatitis from any substance that is touching your feet/legs. If also itchy, scabies. Discuss with your internist all the meds you are taking. See podiatrist or dermatologist for PO or topical meds, if not better get a biopsy that will tell you the cause of rash.
Red dots. The smallish areas of redness to a localized area of you leg and foot could be due to anything - reaction to clothing covering the area, bumping against something, or a new detergent. If they have been there for a prolonged interval and are cosmetically distressing, an exam by your md may be in order. Likely they will pass soon. Any new medications? Family history? Any new physical symptoms?